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Why choose a custom ps4 controller?

When you play your favorite video games it is normal, as a geek or an absolute fan of a franchise, that you want to customize your playstation controller (ps4 for example, but all models are possible). What could be more stylish than being able to play Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption, Watch Dogs, FIFA, PES or any other video game with your immortalized characters on your custom ps4 controller ? Frankly it's class and considering the price you would be wrong to deprive yourself of such a unique customization in your image. Impress your friends and opponents, immerse yourself further in the game with your custom playstation controller! We can create unique atmospheres, use the colors, visuals or photos of your choice, on some controllers we replace the cross / round / square / triangle buttons with revolver sockets for an incredibly realistic effect, perfect for war games or action.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Is it possible to have a personalized Xbox or Switch controller?

At Custom's 64 we specialize in customizing playstation controllers, that's true, but that's because it's the most popular game console (for many reasons that you surely know). However, we have no problem customizing your Xbox, Switch or any other console or media on demand. Our philosophy is to adapt 100% to your request, even if you have an old old school controller in the back of a drawer, even if it doesn't work anymore and you just want to use it as a custom decorative object, it is possible ! Your custom Xbox controller will allow you to show off and enjoy your favorite game even more (as with the playstation), you can also mark your membership in a team or simply offer it as a gift to a member of your family who will be touched by this custom controller in its image. For football fans, we can customize your controller in the colors of your team (OM, PSG, OL, Barcelona etc.), to support your football club right to your fingertips with your personalized ps4 controller!

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

How is the customization going? Can we personalize with the images of our choice?

The controller customization process is very simple, when you want to order your custom playsation controller, you must already have your little idea in mind. Do not hesitate to browse our site and our galleries to discover a little of the creations that we have made on playstation and xbox, this can guide you in your choice. You can simply buy an already existing model on our Custom 64 site if you fall in love with a controller, or on the contrary you may wish to have a 100% unique controller and therefore contact us for a quote according to your request. We have made hundreds of different controller models for all types of customers. We can put pictures of your family, your favorite TV series, your favorite movie, your football club, your video game (obviously), in short, the imagination knows no limits! So be creative and trust our talent to carry out your custom playstation controller project. We deliver throughout France, do not hesitate.